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Basketball Bank Shot Shooting Tips And Skills

When someone calls "bank!" after he shoots the basketball, he is saying that he is aiming at the backboard right off the bat.  A bank shot in basketball shooting is a basketball shot using the backboard as a deflecting tool that directs the basketball into the basketball hoop.

The bank shot can be made with a set shot or a jump shot fashion. However, it is important to make sure that you have a soft touch when you release the ball so that the ball will bounce into the hoop instead of bouncing away from the hoop. Another important thing to remember when doing a bank shot is to adjust the strength of your shot so that the ball is on its way down when it comes in contact with the backboard. This can be ignored though when you are underneath the hoop.

When do I use a bank shot?
Ever had a bad shooting day when you cannot seem to find the rim?  That is when you should use the bank shot because as long as you don't bounce the ball off the backboard too hard, it can usually get in. Also, when you are right under the basketball hoop, it is a good idea to use the bank shot because it opens up a way bigger angle for shooting the basketball.

Pros-n-cons about doing a bank shot
  • Easy to execute in that you just throw it at the board
  • Less aiming time is required
  • Not such a high arc is required and it increases accuracy
  • Opens up a wider range of shooting angle when you are under the hoop
  • If missed, the rebound usually be a far rebound and therefore hard to grab
  • The extra bounces makes it hard to guess where the ball bounces to
  • Limited by the angle that allows for a bank shot
  • Some balls do not bounce off backboards well.

How To Do a Bank Shot In Basketball?
General step-by-step guide to doing a bank shot
  • Hold the ball as high as your shooting hand is accustomed to
  • Adjust your strength so that the ball hits the board on the downward flight
  • Elevate and release the ball without too much arc
These days, very few players use the bank shot because many simply consider the bank shot as ugly or plainly lucky shots. The thing about bank shot is that they are easy to execute as compared to shooting directly at the hoop. Regardless of what many people say, a score is a score and whoever makes the most points win. No matter how hard or difficult your shot is, as long as it is not made from the three-point lane, it will still have the same points as the much simpler bank shot.