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Up And Under : BAsketball Tips And Skills

The up and under is a move consisting of two parts, a shot fake (the up) and a step-through (the under). First the player with the ball fakes a shot by thrusting the ball above his head as if to take a shot, then when the defender jumps in an attempt to block the shot, the offensive player steps by him and attempts a clear, unguarded shot.
The up and under basketball shooting move consists of not two but three phases:  The 'up' phase, the 'hang' phase, and the 'under' phase.  Basically, you leap and fake a lay-up in the air by holding the ball up, get by your defender in the air, and do an actual lay-up in a second timing before you land. 

First, it takes a decent long jump to perform this advanced basketball shooting technique.  If you do not travel far in your jump, you will not be able to get by your defender in the air.  The up & under basketball shooting move also requires ample amount of hang time.  After all, you need to do at least three movements while you are in the air.    Further, you will need extra strong arms to twirl the ball back home in your 'under' phase because most likely, you will be on your way down when doing so.

When to use an up and under?
In times when your defender is slower but bigger than you, he usually gives you more space in front because he is wary of your drive towards the basketball hoop.  In this case, you can do well with many different basketball shooting skills: a jump shot and a runner will work.  Yet, if it is not your basketball shooting day, elevate in front of him and fake a runner ('up' phase). When he jumps to contest your shot, draw the ball back down ('hang' phase).  While still in the air, bring the basketball under his arm and lay it into the basketball hoop ('under phase.)
Alternately, some defenders with a blocking instinct let you drive by and attempt a block from behind.  This is also a good time to use the up and under because he will definitely jump on you when you are in your 'up' phase.

Pros-and-cons about doing an up and under
  • Get defenders to jump in the air and commit themselves
  • Secures vertical and horizontal space first, then shoot the basketball
  • Great flexibility in the basketball shooting technique
  • Get defenders to change their defense style, giving you more space to do simple lay-ups
  • The difficulty involved is big in that it involves coordinate movement in the air
  • Huge contact is inevitable because he will jump at you in the air
  • High risk of injury
How To Do Up And Under In Basketball?
General step-by-step guide to doing an up and under
  • Dribble past your defender with dribbling skills and moves.
  • Drive towards the basketball hoop with speed
  • Take a step and a half or do a power hop towards the basketball hoop
  • leap towards the rim when you are in the paint
  • Hold up the basketball in the air and fake a runner ('up' phase)
  • Draws it back down and squeeze by defenders in the air ('hang' phase)
  • Take any impact from your opponent and recover
  • extend your arm with the basketball pass your opponent and lay the ball in under his arm