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NBA Christmas Day 2011: TV Schedule and Game Previews

After an off-season full of suits, ties, and confusion, the NBA season has finally arrived and will show itself off in full force this Christmas!
Not only will we get to see the many stars the league has to feature, but it’s going to be the first time in a long while. You can bet that the players are just as excited as the fans, and it’s time to get back to the sport we all know and love.

Only a few days from now, we will be met with the warm welcome of actual NBA regular season games for the first time since April.

Oh, and there's Christmas to look forward to as well, so make sure to spend time with your family and all that.
But in between opening presents and caroling, take time out of your day to watch at least a few of the five games that will be featured on the opening day of the NBA. The schedule makers knew what they were doing when making this schedule as they decided to feature five teams, some elite and some up and coming, and the beginning of their journey towards an NBA title.
There are so many story lines in the NBA this season that we have to give at least one reason as to why you should watch every game on Christmas. Not only is the start of a new NBA season, but it's also the start of a new era as we begin to see the initial decline of a few key veterans that have reigned supreme atop their Conference over the past few years.
With aged teams taking on young teams and balanced taking on athletic, we will be in for a tremendous Christmas. Just to make sure which games you want to watch, take a look at a reason why you should watch each contest.

Below I have the complete TV schedule for the games!

NBA Christmas Game Preview