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Download FIBA 2k11 Mod v.2.0 & v1.0 Free for NBA 2k11

The FIBA Project is an add-on for the 2k Sports latest basketball installment, NBA 2k11. 

* The rosters for all 13 teams.
* Ratings/rotations for every player (based on FIBA Turkey 2010 tournament)
* Signature shots, free throw routines for evey player.
* Real accessories and shoes for almost all players (except for retro teams' shoes)
* 104 authentic player cyberfaces, made specially for the FIBA 2k11(except Poland and a few more).
* Lifelike home courts/stadiums for all the teams.
* Authentic Nike/Adidas/Champion jerseys and home/away warm up suits for every team.
* Graphics: logos, dornas, fans, cheerleaders etc.
* A portrait for every player.
* Real coach names and portraits.
* FIBA ball, official FIBA referee uniform.
* FIBA 2k11 Startup screen

Version 1 team list:
  •     Lithuania
  •     Turkey
  •     France
  •     Spain
  •     Serbia
  •     Brasil
  •     Argentina
  •     Poland
  •     USA
  •     Puerto Rico
  •     +
  •     USA '92
  •     Lithuania '92
  •     Zalgiris 98/99

  1. Run the setup program and install it into your main NBA 2k11 directory except for the roster which will automatically install into the necessary directory.!!THE INSTALLER WILL REPLACE MOST OF YOUR NBA 2K11 FILES!!! PLEASE COPY YOUR WHOLE NBA 2K11 FOLDER, AND INSTALL THE MOD OR BACK UP THE WHOLE NBA 2K11 FOLDER!
  2. Install everything into your NBA 2k11 folder except for the roster which will automatically install into the necessary directory.
  3. If you have problems you are free to ask and I will answer it as soon as I can.

I couldn't remove the 'playoffs' logo when playing playoff mode.
Zalgiris 1999 has 2 nba players on their roster as well as LTU '92 has 1 nba player

FIBA 2k11 Trailer

Download FIBA 2k12 V.2

USA Dram Team III 1996
The Nightmare Team (USA) 2004
USA Redeem Team 2008
Lithuania 1996
Lithuania 2004
Lithuania 2008
SPAIN 2008