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NBA 2K12 PC Roster Update with 2013 Draft Class Patches

NBA 2K12 July 5, 2012 Major Roster Update
(New Un-official Roster + NBA 2013 Rookie Cyber faces with Portraits)

This Patch Includes: 

- Based on the latest official NBA name list, updated to Goran Dragic signed up with Phoenix Suns.
- Added one (1) year to all the players' age and removed the salary information of this year.
- Added all the players nicknames like Linsanity,J-Smoove, JET, D-will, K.D.
- Adjusted the number and the minimum minutes of the players.
- Unlocked the hidden players and added corresponding career stats.
- Updated to current NBA Roster (Trades and Rookies)
- Goran Dragic, Jason Terry, Steve Nash, Joe Johnson, Michael Beasley, Anthony Davis & Austin Rivers.


Roster Installation: 

Extract and download the Roster file below then Paste it in your "Saves" folder. You need to open NBA 2K12 game and go to Main menu » Options  »  Load / Save » Select "Roster" after copying the Roster.ROS into your "Saves" folder for changes to take effect. Follow the instructions or else it will not work.

Rookie Cyber face Installation: 

Extract the file and Paste the files in NBA 2K12 game folder.

Download Links

NBA 2013 Rookies Missing Cyber faces

Download: Click to Download
File size: 186.46 MB

NBA 2k12 Roster Update

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