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The 3 Best Features in NBA 2k13 Revealed

With the huge success of NBA 2K12, the designers of the game realized how big they would have to go to upstage last year’s classic.
The developers have gone far and above the call of duty on NBA 2K13.
The game has been improved with the 1992 Dream Team, the changes to MyCAREER Mode and the addition of hip-hop artist Jay-Z as producer, but there is even more to make every NBA fan excited to own this game.

Release Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Players: 1-4, Online Multiplayer 2-10
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC
Price: $59.99

Play as Team USA Basketball

While the 2012 Summer Olympics ignited a heated debate over which Team USA squad was more dominant—1992 or 2012—NBA 2K13 has taken steps to answer the questions. That’s going to be a huge selling point for many fans.
As much as everyone wants to claim that the 1992 Dream Team would have destroyed the 2012 Olympic squad, the fans of the sport and of the video game will now be able to live out the dream scenario.
The pride in Team USA after another gold medal is through the roof, and NBA 2K13’s inclusion of this basketball feature only adds even more credibility to this amazing game.

Improved Gameplay

There are many new features this year to help improve gameplay, but the most notable has to be the increased impact of the control stick. Using the left joystick, all dribble moves, shots, passes and post moves can be controlled in unparalleled fashion.
This is the closest thing to complete control as gamers have ever seen in a basketball game.
Another great improvement is the increased impact of physics on the shooting process and how players react to taking shots from different spots on the court. The new Dynamic Shot Generator helps make every shot feel like a real NBA simulation.


One of the biggest issues with the NBA 2K12 version of the game was the poor MyPLAYER mode of the game. The lack of possible development and awkward moves made it hard to play.
Not anymore.
While there are so many more additions to the MyCAREER mode to keep it fresh off the court (GM sit-down feature, new endorsement paths, etc.), the real changes came with the improvements on the court (improved AI and physics.)

NBA 2K13's smoother play and new signature skills will make this portion of the game the most interesting.