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Top 10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes In the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes In the World
You might want to begin with the question that why are the basketball shoes and other accessories so expensive to purchase? The prices of the basketball shoes vary depending on the company which produced with them. Furthermore, the price is also determined by the extent to which the top-notch basketball players use them during their matches. The prices of the basketball shoes produced by Adidas and Nike easily cross the $ 100 mark line, thus making them the leading companies in terms of manufacturing the most expensive basketball shoes. The prices of the shoes do matter for some but not for all, as the true lovers and basketball fans do not pay a great deal of attention towards the prices of these shoes and just want to have no matter what. Surely, the basketball shoe makers are earning a great deal of profit from the sales. Here is the list of the top 10 most expensive basketball shoes in the world.

10). Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1
First manufactured in the year 1982, these shoes were the first one that made use of the Nike new air technology. The shoes come in a number of different varieties and styles. In the end it depends on you that which ones you come to like the most. The previous versions and forms of these shoes have been sold for less than $ 100, but the new ones easily cross the $ 2000 line. The price of a single pair of these shoes is nearly $ 2500.

9). Nike Air Force 1 Men’s  Shoe 

Nike Air Force 1 Men’s  Shoe
It is probable that most of you might have never heard about these pairs of shoes, as they were subject to a very limited release. Only 12 pairs of these shoes were released in the year 2004.One of the most famous people to own these pairs of shoes was Lebron James. The evaluated price of these shoes is nearly $ 2500.

8). Air Jordan Xi

Air Jordan Xi
You might have heard about Tinker Hatfield. If not, then let me tell you that he was the person who designed this one of a kind shoe. He also wanted Michael Jordan to wear these shoes in one of his matches. The shoe is marked for its light weight, durability and carbon fiber based design.The price of a pair of these shoes is nearly $ 2700, as stated by Nike in their market evaluation.

7). Adidas Golden KB8 Selection

Adidas Golden KB8 Selection
These cocky and expensive shoes were launched by the Adidas Company in the year 1998.Crazy 8, is what the loved to call them. But due to a number of reasons the shoes were not a big success in the market. Furthermore, $ 3000 is what you were required to own these shoes from the very limited stocks.

6). Air Jordan III

Air Jordan III
What made these shoes different from all the other ones in the series was the fact that they made use of the newly designed Nike Air logo. Michael Jordan had worn these shoes many a times and some even believe that they were his favorite ones. The price was evaluated to be nearly $ 4500.

5). Air Jordan VI

Air Jordan VI
While reading out the snicker files, you might get a chance to have a look at these shoes. The prime features which made these shoes so much appealing were the color combinations and materials that were used in the making of these rare basketball shoe designs. Due to limited release, the price of a pair was nearly $ 7200. Let me ask you something here, how far you are willing to go in the race of the most expensive basketball shoes in the world. Just keep reading,as the best is yet to come.

4). Jordan I

Jordan I
Most of the websites wrongly state that Tinker Hatfield was the designer of this class of shoes.But in reality, the person behind the enthralling design of these shoes was Peter Moore. The pairs were released in the year 1985 and as expected, only a few people were able to own these shoes.They were made using colors that would easily match the uniform of the Chicago Bulls team. In terms of market value, the original price of these shoes is nearly $ 8000 or more.

3). Air Jordan V

Air Jordan V
Yet another spectacular version in our top ten ranking is the Air Jordan V. It was designed by the same person who was the behind the Air Jordan idea. From the looks it is visible that the design was more like a modification of the Air Jordan IV, but the makers claim it to be different. Like most of the expensive basketball shoes, these pairs of shoes were not sold at a missive rate. But the price is expected to be nearly $ 10,000.

2). Nike Air Mag I

Nike Air Mag I
Would like to call them as the back to the future shoes. The most appealing features of these shoes were the mesh designs and styles that were used in the manufacturing process. Firstly, they were manufactured in the year 1989 for a few privileged individuals who can dare to own them.The limited pairs of shoes were also signed by Michael j Fox. So, the price was obvious to reach the $ 12,000 line. Presently, a number of gadgets and gizmos are also being designed making use of the exact same concept. How pricey might the new versions be only time will decide.

1). Air Jordan I

Air Jordan I
The 1st spot goes to the very first and original design of these captivating shoes. What makes-these shoes so expensive is the fact that they have been signed by the man of the hour himself,Michael Jordan. These shoes were sold only at some high fi auctions and gatherings for prices you cannot imagine. But most of the shoes enthusiasts agree that the price of these shoes was nearly $ 25,000. Some even say that the costs are much more than were revealed by the company. So, if you feel like you are the biggest fan of basketball in the world, then these prices should never let you down.
These are the Most Expensive Basketball Shoes In The World.