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NBA 2K13: All-Star Weekend Content Gameplay Videos

NBA 2K13: All-Star Weekend Content Gameplay Videos
NBA 2K13: All-Star Weekend Content Gameplay Videos

NBA 2K13: All-Star Weekend Content Adds Another Challenge to Gameplay

Slam Dunk Contest

The NBA All-Star Weekend content is available through download code for those that pre-ordered NBA 2K13. If you're looking for a challenging alternative to traditional gameplay, the dunk contest will especially do the trick.
In case you haven't seen any of the pre-release footage, or read about the functionality, the dunk contest plays a bit like Guitar Hero. You have to time your button combinations to execute a wide variety of slams.
You choose the dunk type, whether you'll use a teammate for assistance, and props can even be brought in as obstacles. It is a nice mini-game, and it is really a treat in the middle of your Association or My Player season.
It represents the novelty act it is meant to be when played in that situation. There is one caveat, though. The mode is pretty challenging. The more difficult the dunk, the more immaculate you have to be with the timing of your button presses.
Check out an epic fail here:
NBA 2K13 - Slam Dunk Contest

Three-Point Shootout

This is actually one of the favorite part of the All-Star package. The controls are a little less responsive than they are in real gameplay, but I enjoy the timing involved. You're basically trying to align the moving basketball with the circle in the meter in the upper right corner of the screen.
The better the shooter, the less precise you'll have to be. The biggest challenge here is getting into a rhythm of grabbing the balls off the rack, and finding the right release point.
I did a little better in my first try here, but it's still not a contest-winning performance.
 NBA 2K13 - Three Point Shootout

Rising Stars Game

Previously called the Rookie game, this exhibition is officially called the Rising Stars Challenge. This little brother to the All-Star game features standard gameplay with the best rookies pitted against the best second-year players.
There is some nice situational commentary in this one, but the uniforms are ultra bland. It is possible the official jerseys weren't finalized by the time the mode was completed, so they chose to go the safe and plain route.
This could always be updated with a patch at a later time, so stay tuned for that. Here is one quarter of gameplay from the Rising Stars game.
 NBA 2K13 Rising Stars Challenge

NBA All-Star Game

This is clearly the main event of the package. It also features traditional gameplay, but it is almost as if the entire commentary package is All-Star related. I think that is a nice touch, and considering this mode was separated from the rest of the game, it was smart to make it as unique as possible.
Check out a quarter of gameplay from the All-Star game.
 NBA 2K13 All Star Game

This is a solid companion mode to the awesome total package offered in the full game.
Every aspect of the All-Star content will be best appreciated in the midst of your Association, My Career or Create A Legend experiences. It will carry more substance for you in that context.