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Chris Bosh Funny Photo at White House

Chris Bosh Funny Photo at White House
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Conventional wisdom holds that photos snapped in the White House should be taken with a certain modicum of grace and sincerity.

Chris Bosh is not a conventional dude, he is just off-the-wall.

Bosh and his Miami Heat teammates visited the White House on Monday as part of the hang-with-the-president session that's long been a tradition for championship-winning American sports teams. Heat owner Micky Arison posted the photo above to Instagram during the trip. Arison, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade all sport nice smiles — but then there's Bosh, lurking in the background and doing ... well, something.

Well, it's not the first time. He has been "strange" many a time before, like this one.
He could be one of the funniest guys in NBA you've ever seen. Tweet #ChrisBoshLOL