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NBA Playoffs 2013 - What Things To Watch For

2013 NBA Playoffs : Miami Heat once Again

Heat Once Again?

The Heat have been dominant all season, leading to heightened expectations for the playoffs. Can they sweep the field en route to a second straight title?
2013 NBA Playoffs : Can Thunder do this time?

Can Thunder score enough inside?

Nobody doubts that the Thunder could get to the Finals again. But many critics feel their points come too much from the perimeter, a sentiment Charles Barkley echoes.
2013 NBA Playoffs : Scoring title winner Carmelo for Knicks

Can 'Melo lead Knicks deep?

Carmelo Anthony's career has been highlighted by an uncanny ability to score and marred by an inability to achieve a significant playoff run. Is this the year 'Melo makes a breakthrough?
2013 NBA Playoffs : Kobe-less Lakers against Spurs

Lakers' redemption?

The Lakers scrambled at the end of the season to grab the No. 7 spot to lock themselves in a meeting with the Spurs. Are they hot enough at the right time to surprise the Spurs?
2013 NBA Playoffs : Paul George of Indiana Pacers

Is Paul George ready?

In the absence of Danny Granger, Paul George emerged as the face of the Pacers. But that was the regular season. Can he continue to elevate his game to the increased rigors of the postseason?
2013 NBA Playoffs : Nuggets vs GS Warriors

Crank up the gas or ease on the pedal?

The Nuggets won 57 games this season playing at a breakneck pace. George Karl wants to keep running during the playoffs. Can this style of play get it done in consecutive best of seven series?
2013 NBA Playoffs : Bulls or Brooklyn

What to make of Brooklyn?

Deron Williams is back in the playoffs since leaving Utah two seasons ago. Is home-court advantage enough to catapult them against the scrappy Bulls?
2013 NBA Playoffs : Lob City vs Grizllies

Another heavyweight battle?

The Clippers and Grizzlies squared off for seven games in the first round of last year's playoffs. Both arrive with virtually same teams in tact (minus Rudy Gay) and no love is lost. What is in store this time around?