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NBA 2k14 Next Gen Reveal Trailer

NBA 2k14 Next Gen Reveal Trailer
2kSports revealed their all new trailer/footage for NBA 2k14 at the E3 Press Conference last day. The video shows LeBron James of Heat with his in-game avatar. The Graphics are claimed to be actual game graphics for next-gen consoles. If such graphics come in the PC version of NBA 2K14, then it seems like the 'so-called' competitor NBA live 14 will be cancelled again.
Click on image below to watch video..
Cover phenom LeBron James talks to "Video Game James" in your first look at NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4, from Sony's E3 Press Conference!

Also the song used in this video of NBA 2k14 Fly Union "Long Run" Album TGTC looks like to be the official theme song for NBA 2k14.
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