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Basketball Shooting Tips To Improve Your Shooting Percentage

Looking for great Basketball Shooting Tips? Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of basketball shooting, you need to continually improve your skills and set higher goals to achieve. This way, you’ll be steadily progressing and getting better all the time. Here are ten basketball shooting tips for advanced ball players:

Power your shot with your legs. The legs are actually responsible for how far you can make your shot go while still being accurate. Use the take-off momentum from your jump when releasing the ball at the peak of your jump in order to propel the shot with stability.
Swish -- A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting
Develop a soft touch. Having a soft touch when you handle and release the ball will mean that instead of the ball bouncing hard off the rim; it will dribble lightly on its edges and thus increase your chances of getting it through the hoop. Do this by controlling the ball with your fingertips instead of your whole hand, and then by giving more of a spin on the ball as well as releasing it on a higher angle.

Control the ball’s flight by holding your release an extra half-second. You’ll be able to create enough of a rotation this way while also making your follow-through easier and more natural.

Find your shooting range. One bad habit that most beginning players do is to try shooting from outside their range. You should only practice shots from the zone around the rim that you feel comfortable making shots from. This way, you don’t force your body to relearn your shooting motion every time.

Remember your shooting pocket. Get used to where your shooting pocket is so that your arms can unconsciously remember where to position itself during your shot. Swing your arms back and forth and then raise it up towards your shoulder. Where it stops is your shooting pocket.

Be confident. Even when you feel like you are having a bad shooting night, just keep going and throwing with the techniques you’ve learned. Keeping your confidence in the face of adversity is a secret that many of the game’s best players have mastered, and is the key to shooting well every game.


These Basketball Shooting Tips are a great way for players, parents & coaches to learn and understand the proper mechanics and techniques needed to be a great shooter.
Every basketball player loves to shoot the ball! The most practiced skill in the game is shooting. Coaches spend a good deal of their practice time on shooting drills to improve their players' skill level. After all, if you can't shoot - you can't score!
Whether a player is shooting a jump shot, lay-up, or free throw - there are certain techniques they must use to be successful. The basketball shooting tips below will give players, parents and coaches a better understanding of what these techniques are!

1. Players should always use proper shooting techniques. Remembering BEEF - (Balance, Eye, Elbow, and Follow-Through) will help when shooting the basketball. Players must get into the habit of always using these proper shooting techniques - whether in practices or a game. If proper techniques are not used, bad habits are formed that are often difficult to correct. If players don't have a shooting technique - they need to develop one!

2. Players should always be relaxed and concentrate on the basket. Players should focus on the part of the rim that is closest to them as they shoot the basketball. When shooting lay-ups and bank shots, players should focus on the part of the backboard where they will bank the ball.

3. Players must know when they have a good shot - and then take it. Players must find the right balance between shooting too often and not shooting enough. As players develop confidence in their shot, they will also develop the ability to know when they have a good shot to take.

4. Players should be in proper balance when shooting the basketball. Proper balance (front to back and side to side) is critical on all shots.

5. Players should follow through on every shot they take. They should also hold their follow through as this is one thing that will show them why they made or missed the shot.

6. When shooting the jump shot, players should jump naturally. They should avoid forcing their jump - it should be nice and easy. Players should jump straight up and release the shot at the top of their jump. "Up, Hang, Shoot" is an easy way to remember this.

7. Players should have an arc on every shot they take. The height of the arc will vary from player to player. Some players shoot with a high arc, while others have more of a flat shot. As long as the player is using proper shooting techniques and the shots are going in, then the arc is fine.

8. When shooting free-throws, players should be relaxed, concentrate on the basket, and have their knees bent slightly.
9. When shooting free-throws, players should keep their routine simple. This helps them concentrate more on their shot and not their routine. They should avoid excessive and unnecessary movement. They should only use the motion needed to take and make the shot.

10. Players should practice all of their shots. They should learn to shoot from any location on the court, within their range. By doing this, they become more of an all-around shooter. Players should strive for the following shooting goals: 99+% lay-ups, 70+% free-throws, 50+% field goals, 33+% 3-pointers. These goals can be modified for younger players.
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