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Set Shot : Basketball Tips And Skills

The basic basketball shot is simple and beautiful but by no means simplistic. As pointed out previously, everyone shoots the basketball differently.  Yet, there is a general procedure that all good basketball shooters more or less follow.

  • Half-bent your knees before shooting a basketball for more potential power

  • Your dominant hand should have its fingers spread out

  • Only the fingertips should be gripping onto the ball

  • Your other hand should support the ball on the side

  • The ball should be brought above the head in one motion

  • At this point, the angles at your armpit, elbow, and wrist is  at 90 degrees

  • While extending your knees, extend your forearm and snap your wrist

  • Make sure youfollow through with your wrist movement.   If it feels natural to jump upon release, do so.

  • In sum, you are shooting a basketball with the kinetic energy transferred from your legs to your hands.  The most optimal case is that the snap of wrist only directs the basketball and adds backspin to it.  You should also shoot the basketball as naturally as possible.  In the event that the power from your legs is not enough to shoot the basketball, (for example, you are doing a fade-away and a portion of the leg power is directed towards the back.) you are forced to use your wrist in a controlled manner.  In particular, do not forcefully use your wrist or jerk your wrist for extra power.  This will greatly reduce your shot accuracy.

    To tap into your wrist power while maintaining control and flexibility is a very difficult thing. You really need to invest into beefing up your wrist. The Shooting Buddy will help you do just that. It is a shooting arm guide that makes your accuracy automatic! You can get them in Amazon for only $19.99 from a listing price of $27.54, and you cannot them in your local sports equipment vendor, Walmart or anywhere else because it is a specialized item. It will guide your arm into perfect alignment with the basket.

    Tips on perfecting the basketball Set Shot
    I interviewed seasoned basketball team players and coaches to reflect on their basketball shooting experience and came up with the following tips on shooting a basketball
    1. Always keep track of the distance between you and the hoop
    2. Tuck your elbows inward towards each other when shooting
    3. Shoot the basketball at an arc.  It increases accuracy
    4. Aim at the part inside the rim farthest from your standpoint
    5. Use screens and offensive-plays to get open
    6. Square up your shooting hand with the basketball hoop
    7. grip the basketball tightly with only your thumb and little finger
    8. Aim with your index finger or middle finger only
    9. Never hesitate due to the fear of a block shot.