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NBA 2k12 : PC Release Date, Cover, Trailers And News

NBA 2k12, the Next version of NBA 2k Series is coming this October 2011.
2K Sports has not revealed a lot of the details for NBA 2K12, but they did have a gameplay presentation with Kobe Bryant at E3 2011. The game will be released on October 4th, 2011. Duck Down Records and 2K Sports hosted a competition for a song placement on the official game soundtrack. The song by D.J.I.G. "Now's My Time" on Kresovich's "The Return" will appear on the official soundtrack. On July 21, 2011 2K Sports announced that there would be three different covers for NBA 2K12. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will be the three cover athletes. Each will appear on a different version of the game.
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Wondering what NBA 2k12 release date is?
However, our inside source has told us Tuesday, October 4th will be the NBA 2K12 release date.
With Michael Jordan being featured in NBA 2K11, it was one of the best basketball games ever made.  It will take a lot for 2K sports to top that, but guess what, they know that. 2K Sports has gone above and beyond to make NBA 2K12 even better.

What should not be Changed In NBA 2k12?

Why change something that is good? What are a few things that you do not want improved or touched for NBA 2K12? For an example remember when you could save your online settings? Or the online lobbys? That was all taken out of the game ever since NBA 2K9. So this is my top 3 list of things that i do not want to see changed.

On Ball Defense was perfect this year and non existent in previous games. The on ball D strength and intensity is at just the right point which is pretty strong, especially with players that have good defensive awareness and on ball d ratings. I would like to see this again in NBA 2K12.

Pick and Roll Tactics in general where on point and fair. Nothing was to glitchy and impossible to contain but at the same time the offensive player could create scoring opportunity’s running it right. By tactics i mean such things as making the lead pass, pick and pop, or stuff like this.

Help Defense was one of the big improvements made to the game last year. Your defense reacts much more realistic in 2K11 like real players do in the NBA. For an example if you get beat off dribble the big guys will collapse into the paint to help out at the right times. Double teams – players rotate to the right players. So help defensive AI is on point already wouldn’t touch it if i was a 2K developer.

What Should Be in NBA 2k12 / NBA 2k12 Wishlist
List what you would like to see in :

3)Cover Athlete

1. Would like to see more of a television presentation.
2. More of a difference between the reg. season, playoffs and the finals
3. Better commentary. (ex. a big buzzer beater happens. 2K11 "Wow, he beats the buzzer...what a shot. NBA 2K12 "Ohhh Kobe Bryant with the buzzer beater...lets wait for the call....n its good, see you have to get the ball out of Kobe hands and force another player to beat you").
4. More emotions is different environments.
5. Keep halftime show the way it is but add a bit more to it, so as the Jordan player of the game

1. The game play is very very smooth, compared to last year, keep it but with a little more tweaks
2. Take away circus shots away from big men (ex. Z can't do a up and under or a reserve layup)
3. Full-Court passes can't be very accurate even from a 99 rating passer.
4. CPU seems to pass out of shots way to much and very accurate
5. Add better post-moves
6. User vs User, add more spacing on court
7. Fix rebounding
8. LBJ or Wade can't jack threes in your face.
9. Better Defense

Cover Athlete
1. K. Durant
2. D. Williams
3. T. Evans
4. M. Johnson/L.Bird
5. C. Anthony

1. Add NBA Moments (ex. do a fan vote for the most exciting moment in the NBA)
2. More hairstyles
3. My Player 3.0 (choice of player voice, interviews during season not only after every game, get signed to a shoe deal...not only Jordan, choice of player rivals)
My Player
Its a long list

  • More in depth create-a-player. Editable accessories for home and away, ability to make accessories whatever color you want.
  • On the screen where you decide what jersey you're going to wear there should be an option where you decide what color the accessories are for headbands, sleeves/arm bands, and leg accessories. EXAMPLE: Charlotte Bobcats at times wear orange headbands, white sleeves, black leg sleeves, and white socks. Other times they wear all black. That way when editing players you just have to decide what accessories they'll be wearing and before the game you can easily and quickly have everybody wearing the same color. As opposed to having to go through and edit EVERY player before EVERY game.
  • Put in something like Team Builder where you can edit everything about the team on your computer. from the court and every line on it, to the seats, entrances, uniforms, roster or even the color shirts that your fans wear for playoff games (whiteout or blackout). This would be sick. But you should be able to make your team as an expansion instead of having to replace a current team. Of course a whole separate game could be made based on this idea, and we'd be able to have our college basketball back! could make it complete w/ a reg. season, conference and national tournament and then import draft classes.
  • Along with the "teambuilder" thing, this would be a great way for people to bring the Hornets back to Charlotte or the Sonics back to Seattle. and along with creating the roster you could set it to a current team and there could be an option to start a team off as an expansion or replace 1 of the teams with it. So if you wanted to create the Sonics when you made the roster online you could set it to current OKC Thunder and the roster would update along w/ NBA Today. Or if you got the Hornets you could set it as the current NOLA hornets roster and make the Bobcats their rival. I think this is a cool idea.
  • How about having actual OFFENSES. I don't mean plays, I mean an offense with various options. Because when the AI runs a play and it gets into "the scorers" hands he thinks he HAS to shoot. Therefore he will run around like a chicken with its head cut off until he has a slight opening to shoot. I was just playing against the Mavs and Dirk started at the right elbow, RAN to the right wing behind the three point line, tried to drive, and then RAN to the left elbow for a drifter. What is realistic about that?
  • And how about on the layup/dunk/or any shot animations, if you press to shoot when he is mid dribble, have him finish the dribble then go into the animation because the yo-yo thing is getting old.
  • I really want team intro (like the video on the big screen) and player intros. I think NBA Live like 2003 or something had the player intros, really sets the mood for the game. I mean imagine your created player having his position, college, height, and name called and then running out there. Get you straight jacked before the game starts.
  • Put the game on 2 discs to save disc space and to expand the game further.
  • I would like to see, when players come out of the game they put their warm ups tops and shooting shirts back on like they do in real life, maybe put a towel over their back or across their legs (Kobe). Also have the bench more active and not so robotic such as drinking water and Gatorade, chatting with each other on the bench etc.
  • How about when somebody gets hot and he's got somebody all up on him, he pulls up for a quick release shot. As in, it almost doesn't look like his usual form, it's like, he's in the zone and whatever he throws up is going in.
  • A way more in depth My Player.I mean add a lot of "small" things. Here's what I have in mind;

  • Practices and team drills with teammates 
  •  On game days you participate in shoot-around, just a couple minutes, (maybe have an option to turn it off).
  • After shoot-around you can choose to head to the locker room or stop and sign a few autographs (build your fan support).
  • In the locker room you can choose your accessories for the game, then head out the tunnel.
  • Hire an agent, he schedules things for you, magazine and TV interviews; autograph sessions, community service type things (with only the interviews being something you actually "do." The others you would just simulate past).
  • Choice between endorsements, whichever offers you the most money and/or skill points.
  • Maybe you could be asked to appear on a television show (like how Kobe appeared on Modern Family)or movie.
  • Ability to bash individuals (teammates or opponents). Bashing opponents could turn that player, team, and/or city into one of your rivals. But if you praise another player, like LeBron praising Kobe or something like that, you have a better image to the fans.
  • Have teams recruit you when you're a free agent.

The first real NBA 2K12 gameplay video was shown recently at E3 featuring the Lakers and Heat. The (PS3) gameplay shown is from a new game mode called: On The Move. The biggest thing that stood out to me was how smooth the game looked from jumper animations, dribbling, and just about everything. Also tons of new animations you will notice in the short clip like that aggressive drive to the basket Bynum takes in the middle of the video. It looks like 2KSports has also added new graphics that highlight the player with the ball around his feet such as the shot range meter. Check out the NBA 2K12 Gameplay video below and let us know what you think.

NBA 2k12 Fan Made Trailer featuring Dwayne Wade                                                                                                                                        
NBA 2k12 Covers