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The Top 30 Best Nicknames in NBA Basketball

They've defined careers, molded reputations and set the sports world on fire with their creativity. They are the greatest athletic nicknames on Earth. There comes a time when birth certificates just won't cut it anymore. After scanning the collection of today's basketballers with nicknames, we've compiled the 30 best.

AK-47 : Andrei Kirilenko

CSKA Moscow small forward Andrei Kirilenko (#47) was once a ferocious defender for the Utah Jazz. How could we forget the automatic weapon himself?
While he was interestingly born in the city of Izhevsk, where the AK-47 is actually manufactured, it's his number and initials that also sparked this unique moniker.

Rip : Richard Hamilton  

Richard Hamilton's biography states that his father was nicknamed Rip because of his affinity for ripping his own diapers as a toddler, and young Richard inherited the name as what we believe to be tradition.
But let's be real, this name is far more gaseous. Cut the Cheese Hamilton seems clearer.

The Ice Cream Man : Luis Scola

He might be the creepiest ice cream man of all-time, but Luis Scola always delivers.
With every drive to the basket, announcers often scream "One scoop or two?!"

Superman : Dwight Howard

Meet Mr. Dwight Howard himself, the most athletically gifted big man in basketball.
Some believe he's the savior of humanity.

Hibachi : Gilbert Arenas

Once known as Agent Zero in reference to his jersey number (although he's now No. 10), Gilbert Arenas then adopted the nickname Hibachi because of his sizzling shot.
Add some fried rice and shrimp to your game, and we've got a winner.

Captain Canada : Steve Nash

After Canadian baller Steve Nash was awarded the Order of Canada in 2007, it was clear the feisty point guard had already reached immortality.
He is the heart and soul of his country.

The Matrix : Shawn Marion

Thanks to TNT broadcaster Kenny Smith, dynamic forward Shawn Marion has repped this classic nickname since his rookie year.
We need more red-pill ballers in this world.

Jesus Shuttlesworth : Ray Allen

A talented Brooklyn-bred baller played by Ray Allen in He Got Game, Jesus Shuttlesworth has shadowed the talented Celtic since the movie's release in 1998.
But who wouldn't want Denzel Washington as their father?

The Big Ticket : Kevin Garnett

Da Kid may be more humorous, but The Big Ticket is certainly a better name in reference to Kevin Garnett's effect on the game of basketball.
If only for his headbanging ways!

The Answer : Allen Iverson

With one of the greatest crossovers ever seen on the hardwood, Allen Iverson won four scoring titles and cemented himself in basketball record books forever.
But not only was he the answer, Virginia's own Iverson is now the question as he approaches a comeback.

STAT : Amar'e Stoudemire

Sure he stuffs the stat sheet on a regular basis, but that's not what earned Amar'e Stoudemire this prestigious moniker.
The name, found tattooed on his arm and stitched on his shoes, refers to "standing tall and talented."

The Mississippi Missile : Monta Ellis

The Jackson-born Monta Ellis possesses arguably the fastest feet in the NBA.
And as a result, his tongue-twisting name seems cemented for good.

The Truth : Paul Pierce

Personal biases as to who truly deserves this nickname aside, Paul Pierce has one of the most epic titles in sports.
But Kevin Durant may be more deserving.

B-Diddy : Baron Davis

Now that he's out for at least a year with a torn ACL, MCL and (partial) patellar tendon in his right knee, Baron Davis has plenty of time to jot down several new nicknames for himself.
Nobody wants to be named after a self-absorbed entrepreneur who changes his name every other week and is only famous because of the late, great Notorious B.I.G.

Mr. Big Shot : Chauncey Billups

Clutch shots during his time in Detroit earned now-aging point guard Chauncey Billups this respected nickname.
The former NBA champion is never afraid to chuck up the deciding shot.

Flash : Dwyane Wade

There was talk of Dwyane Wade wanting to ditch the superhero nickname, but let's be real. He has no choice in the matter.
Superhuman reflexes, fastest man alive, fancy nickname. Who wouldn't want the name Flash?

J-Smoove : Josh Smith

J-Smoove is almost always on the move as he prances up and down the court looking to posterize opponents.
2005 NBA Dunk Contest champion Josh Smith is too cool for school. Fact.

Skip 2 My Lou : Rafer Alston

While he now finds himself clawing for playing time in the D-League, there was a time when point guard Rafer Alston was a pioneer in the creation of the AND1 Mixtape Tour.
His unorthodox yet lightning-quick style gave defenders nightmares, and his galloping-while-dribbling flow sparked the nickname Skip 2 My Lou.

Air Canada : Vince Carter

While Vinsanity is also a brilliant replacement for Vince Carter's birth name, Air Canada just screams explosive.
Few could stop the Human Highlight Reel in his Toronto prime.

Durantula : Kevin Durant

Research has told us that some tarantulas hunt solely in trees, while others hunt near the ground.
Deadly forward Kevin Durant, however, hunts every species.

Human Victory Cigar : Darko Milicic

Truthfully speaking, we can call any bench-warming scrub who only comes in during fourth-quarter mop-up duty a human victory cigar.
But when former second-overall pick Darko Milicic gets in there, few can catch their breath.

Afflalo Creed : Arron Afflalo

After Stephen Jackson was nicknamed Action Jackson, the Carl Weathers references snowballed toward greatness.
Young Nugget Arron Afflalo was the next to experience the phenomenon, being named Afflalo Creed after the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World in the Rocky films.

Ghostface Przybilla : Joel Przybilla

Sure, he's been called "The Thrilla," "Vanilla Gorilla," "White Kong" and "Joel Daddy," but Joel Przybilla must enjoy this Wu-Tang reference the most.
Like Ghostface Killah, Przybilla has a mysterious, yet rhythmic style.

The Black Mamba : Kobe Bryant

Like the highly venomous, fast-paced land dwellers his moniker represents, Kobe Bryant is feared by all who share the court with him.
Stealthy, ruthless, deadly.

The Jambulance : Blake Griffin

High Griffinition is another spectacular sobriquet for the new Los Angeles hardwood sensation known as Blake Griffin.
But Jambulance takes precedence in that most defenders seem eager to call the Wambulance whenever they get slammed on. Which is quite often.

The White Mamba : Brian Scalabrine

Despite a paltry 13 minutes per game in his career and far fewer points, Brian Scalabrine has become a hardwood fan favorite.
He is Kobe Bryant's Caucasian counterpart, and an inspiration to us all.

Tough Juice : Caron Butler

Passion and aggression headline this former Huskie's ferocious game.
Juicing up a lineup isn't enough anymore. That juice better be made from tough fruit.

Da White Howard : David Lee

A double-double machine, hustling-and-bustling (thanks Clyde) forward David Lee is the obvious counterpart to the superstar center he is humorously named after.
While Dwight Howard slams it down with fury on a regular basis, Da White Howard does the little things to get the job done.

The Mailman: Karl Malone

How did Karl Malone get the nickname the Mailman? Because he delivers!

His Airness : Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, the baddest dude ever to lace up a pair of sneakers. The only hooper ever to have a title worthy of a king.
Man you can't stop His can only hope to contain him (NBA Street) 

There may be more cool nicknames.. we will include them in our next list of The Top Best Nicknames in NBA Basketball . COMMENTS APPRECIATED !