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NBA 2k13 Scoreboard Patches : TNT, ESPN, NBC, NBA TV, CSN, Fox Sports (Added - TWC, NBA TV v2)

This Patch will replace the original 2kSports NBA 2k13 Scoreboard by the given modded scoreboards like ESPN, TNT(v1 & v2), NBA TV (v1 and v2), NBC TV, CSN, Fox Sports and Time Warner Cable TV. Download the one you want to use.
NBA 2k13 Time Warner Cable TV Scoreboard Patch*PreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 NBA TV Scoreboard v2 Patch (for 16:9)*PreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 NBA TV Scoreboard v2 Patch (for 16:10)*PreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 TNT Scoreboard Patch v2PreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 CSN TV Scoreboard PatchPreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 Fox Sports Scoreboard PatchPreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 NBA TV Scoreboard v1 PatchPreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 ESPN Scoreboard PatchPreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 NBC Scoreboard PatchPreviewDownload
NBA 2k13 Original Scoreboard (Backup)PreviewDownload

How to Use

1. Extract the download using 7zip or WinZip.
2. Copy the "newscorebug.iff" (& other files, if any) and paste it where you have installed your NBA 2k13; usually C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13. Replace the Original File.
Note : You should keep a copy of the default scoreboard as backup. Still, you can download it from here.

How to use (*)

How to use Time Warner TV Scoreboard Patch
How to use NBA TV v2 (16:10 & 16:9 Scoreboard Patch)