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NBA 2K12 The Scream Team Mod/Patch Download


The scream team was designed to experience some of your favorite horror characters teaming up to play fun basketball!!

This Mod includes:12 custom CFs & Scream Team Logo & Scream park logos are compatible with Justice League & The Avengers Mod

You need to place ALL 4 files from save folder into: C: / Users / Your Name / AppData / Roaming / 2K Sports / NBA 2K12 / Saves Then run NBA 2K12, load the roster you want the teams located in, then load the team, load teams,Sliders & settings &  play some fun basketball:)

Preview: [Click on Image to Enlarge]

The Movie Aliens 3062
Beetle Juice 3076
Charles Lee Ray CHUCKY 3063
Darth Vader 3077
Freddie Krueger 3061
Jason Voorhees 3065
Michael Myers 3069
The Predator 3060
saw 3071
Pig Saw 3078
Scream 3064
The Terminator 3036